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The free online DSE assessment service provided by PAM Health, a supplier of specialist ergonomic, physiotherapy and rehabilitation products.

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DSE Support for the Workplace

We created this website to assess the risk of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) users in an office, home office or any other environment to help employers protect their workers.

DSE assessments and training are vital to ensure safe working environments for desk-based employees and are usually carried out in person by trained DSE assessors.

Like most of the world dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted to provide this service for free, online. As employees moved from offices to their homes to carry out their work, employers faced a difficult task in ensuring their employees are working safely and without compromising their musculoskeletal health.

Our online DSE assessment has been created by our specialist Physiotherapists and Occupational Health Team from our group company PAM Group. So employers and employees can rely on a credible and reliable assessment.

Our Provision

The assessment allows for the collection of subjective and objective measurements which lead to a diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis known as an initial assessment (IA).

PAM Health provides:

  • Online DSE assessments
  • Remote based physiotherapy using telephone and video conferencing
  • Nationwide on site DSE workstation assessment based physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy Advice Line (PAL) provides a full physiotherapy assessment over the phone (or via video chat).

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Telephone Triage

Employees can access expert advice from a highly skilled and qualified musculoskeletal (MSK) clinician. Our experts will assess the injury or MSK health condition and then advise of 'next steps' such as hands-on, manual therapy treatment or signposting appropriately to GPs or primary care.

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PAM Health

PAM Health is one of the UK's leading healthcare-product suppliers. We provide a wide range of solutions to workplace health challenges from posture problems, to hygiene and infection control.

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Workstation Assessment

This is a way to identify and reduce the potential ergonomic risks associated with a fixed workstation and can help ensure that organisations meet their statutory responsibilities for employee Health & Safety. This can be done at an office or home workstation.

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